2019 APEC SME Local Innovation Ecosystem Initiative

2019 APEC SME Local Innovation Ecosystem Initiative

Revitalization for Inclusive Growth and Sustainable Future

Philippines; Russia; Chinese Taipei; Thailand 

1. Introduction

In accordance with the Joint Ministerial Statement of 2017 APEC Ministerial Meeting, the 2017 APEC SME Ministerial Statement and Da Nang Declaration endorsed in the 25th APEC Economic Leaders’ Meeting that addresses the concerns to the importance of promoting the economic integration, sustainable and inclusive growth in the APEC region, this APEC Local Innovation Ecosystem Initiative promote the establishment of local innovation ecosystem to assist APEC member economies in building their capacity to revitalize their local economy, which responses to 2018 APEC theme “Harnessing Inclusive Opportunities, Embracing the Digital Future”. Meanwhile, this local innovation ecosystem comprised of the public and private sectors will develop innovative solutions to solve local challenges and achieve sustainable local economic development. This initiative will be implemented including: (1) APEC Local Innovation series events, including: 3 APEC Local Innovation Ecosystem Fora in 3 co-hosted economies and 1 APEC Local Innovation Ecosystem Forum in Taipei, aim to demonstrate the best practices of Local innovation MSMEs/startups from APEC member economies and share their experiences and challenges encountered. (2) Publishing a report “APEC Local Innovation Ecosystem Best Practices” collecting best practices examples from the 4 events mentioned above. This report will demonstrate the role models of local innovation ecosystem from member economies and the key elements of solving the local challenges by local innovation ecosystems.

2. Objectives

1) To encourage and facilitate the establishment of local innovation ecosystems and revitalize the local economy by examining current practices and identifying the challenges and successful models.

2) To build capacity on Local Innovation Ecosystem for APEC member economies by building strong networks that enhance collaboration among MSMEs/startups, incubators and accelerators, universities, innovators, local innovation practitioners and major companies.

3) To generate know-how on re-organizing the local economy as community-based and market-based that integrates the concerns of profits, environmental sustainability, and revitalization of recessing local communities.

3. Main Activities Proposed 

1) 1 APEC Local Innovation Ecosystem Forum in Taipei and 3 APEC Local Innovation Ecosystem Forums (Russia, Thailand, and the Philippines) 

2)1 report “APEC Local Innovation Ecosystem Best Practices”

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