2019 APEC SME O2O Initiative

2019 APEC SME O2O Initiative

Empower SMEs to Embrace Digital Transformation

Chinese Taipei;Malaysia;Philippines;Thailand;Chile

1. Introduction

In response to APEC Leaders and Ministers’ instruction regarding digital economy in 2017 and the 2018 APEC theme “Harnessing Inclusive Opportunities, Embracing the Digital Future”, Chinese Taipei invite Malaysia, the Philippines, Thailand, and Chile to co-propose “APEC O2O Initiative –Empower SMEs to Embrace Digital Transformation”. The 4th phase of O2O Initiative aims to conclude all the joint efforts and benefit more SMEs by focusing on SME digital innovation, strengthening the momentum gained from former O2O initiative, including (1) phase 1: O2O business models, (2) phase 2: digital competitiveness and resilience, and (3) phase 3: digital transformation. 

In order to extend the paradigm shift of O2O best practices, this project provides networking, showcasing and mentoring opportunities to startups and SMEs by gathering more than 600 stakeholders to join 1 APEC SME O2O Summit in Chinese Taipei and 4 APEC O2O fora co-hosting with Malaysia, Thailand, Chile and Philippines. These fora will also connect with the SMEs digital development goal and strategies of each partner member economy. 

Through Public-Private Partnership (PPP) collaboration, our events’ engaging key stakeholders include but not limited to ABAC, MNC, EPWG, SMEs, Start-ups, NGOs, and industrial experts to share their O2O experiences, focusing on regulations framework, talents, financing and market access. In addition, an “A Guidebook on SME Embracing Digital Transformation in APEC Economies” will be published to conclude our O2O Initiative.

All in all, the initiative aims to assist SMEs to embrace digital transformation and opportunities by innovative technology application in digital economy. With strong partnerships among APEC member economies, it can create a better digital innovation environment to promote inclusive growth.

2. Objectives 
1)Promoting the knowledge of digital transformation and digital resilience to SMEs in catching the digital competitiveness;
2)Profiling the best practices of O2O business model to the start-ups and SMEs of member economies and help them to grasp digital business opportunities; and 
3)Encouraging the public sector of the member economies to improve their related regulations for a better business environment of SMEs.
3. Main activities proposed
1) 1 summit (Taipei) and 4 O2O forums (Malaysia, Thailand, Chile and the Philippines) 
2) 1 guidebook "APEC Guidebook on SME Embracing Digital Transformation"
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